Ramsey Subaru Loves the Earth: How You Can Make a Difference

This April, you can join Ramsey Subaru in loving the Earth as we take part in the Subaru Loves the Earth initiative. It’s a call to action with the end goal of bettering our planet and protecting our ecosystems.

The entire team at Ramsey Subaru will work to make a difference this April and you can, too!

What You Can Do to Help the Earth

Subaru Loves the Earth Recycling

1. Recycling

We know that every town is different, but many in the Bergen County area and beyond have recycling programs that you can take part in. If not, there are places where you can drop off your recyclables.

Among the things that you can recycle are:

  • Plastic, glass & metal cans and bottles
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Newspapers, magazines and junk mail like circulars
  • Many bathroom products

A good source of recycling tips and facts can be found at http://caretorecycle.com.

2. Pick Up Trash

Sometimes, we see litter on the ground from people throwing it down with no regard or a trash receptacle being spilled. It takes 2 seconds to take something off the ground and put it into a garbage can, especially in a park or the city where there are receptacles everywhere.
Subaru Loves the Earth Tree Planting

3. Plant Something

It could be a single flower, a flower bed, a whole vegetable & herb garden or even a tree. No matter what, you can help the Earth by planting something. That’s because the plants convert carbon dioxide to oxygen that we use to breathe.

And we exhale carbon dioxide that helps plants live, so everything wins!

4. Reduce Phantom Energy

Phantom energy is what our electronics produce even when we are not using them. If you really want to help the Earth while lowering your electricity bill, we recommend unplugging electronic devices like computers, cell phone chargers, microwaves and coffee makers while they’re not in use.

Ramsey Subaru Loves the Earth

5. Drive Less

We’re in the business of selling cars, but we’re also in the business of reducing our carbon footprint and helping the planet. Now that the weather is finally getting nicer without it snowing the next day, we recommend taking more walks to close-by destinations rather than starting up your car and burning up fuel.

Earth Day is April 22, so let’s work together to make a difference for the environment this April!

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