How to Use the Subaru STARLINK TomTom Multimedia Navigation System

Subaru Starlink Navigation System

Get behind the wheel of a Subaru and get state-of-the-art navigation with the industry leading TomTom navigation system. Quick to respond and offering excellent resolution, the Subaru STARLINK multimedia navigation system powered by TomTom has the ability to help you master the road. Watch the Subaru TomTom navigation system at work!

Convenient to use, the large 8" color touchscreen is user friendly and works much like a smartphone or tablet. If you’re driving, safely change your destination while keeping your eyes on the road ahead, with the use of voice commands.

Subaru TomTom Navigation System

Those on-the-go will love the added “Quick Search” that can predict your destination based on our location, once you start typing. Here are some other great functionalities the Subaru STARLINK Multimedia TomTom Navigation System has to offer.

Subaru Navigation System Video

Subaru STARLINK Multimedia TomTom Navigation Features

  • Voice Command Capability
  • TomTom Quick Search
  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  • 3 years of Free Map Updates
  • Directions Read Out Loud
  • Directions Appear on Multifunction Display (if applicable)
  • 3D Landmarks
  • Easy-to-Use Point-of-Interest Map
  • Advanced Lane Guidance to Reduce Lane Confusion at Complex Interchanges

Grab Your Passport – TomTom Can Get You There!

TomTom’s turn-by-turn navigation will have you confidently traveling the roads to your navigation – whether it be in the United States, Mexico or Canada. So grab your passports, the SUBARU STARLINK TomTom Multimedia Navigation System can help your reach your next destination. Need something on the way? TomTom’s Points of Interest can assist you in finding gas stations, hotels, restaurants and more along the way.

TomTom Navigation System Video

Numerous Advantages of the TomTom Navigation System

There are so many advantages the Subaru STARLINK Multimedia Navigation powered by TomTom offers by combining the benefits of an in-dash device with the advanced features of TomTom's portable navigation devices. And because the state-of-the-art navigation system is offered in a variety of Subaru models, you can choose the vehicle that is best for you and still receive the benefits the Subaru TomTom navigation system has to offer.

Subaru STARLINK Multimedia Navigation powered by TomTom is available for:

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