STARLINK Update Recall Service in New Jersey

STARLINK Safety & Security - 3G Network Retirement
Since our launch in 2015, Subaru STARLINK Safety & Security has utilized a 3G cellular network for voice and data transmission. In the near future, the current network provider is electing to retire their 3G network to make room for newer technology*. This will impact 2016-2018 vehicles equipped with STARLINK Generation 1 Safety & Security. 

STARLINK is very important to many 2016-2018 Subaru model drivers, and without a system update the system will cease to work beyond 2021.

Complimentary System Update at Ramsey Subaru

This is happening industry-wide and affecting every automaker with vehicle telematics. Ramsey Subaru will be offering a complimentary system update to all active subscribers that are impacted by the 3G network retirement. The update will allow their Data Communication Module (DCM) to utilize LTE technology so that customers can maintain their service. including Automatic Collision Notification, SOS Emergency Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Remote Features such as locking and unlocking their doors. 

If the STARLINK system/DCM is not updated, customer's current STARLINK subscription will be cancelled upon the retirement of the 3G network* and the customer will receive a prorated refund of their subscription fee, if applicable. 

SUBARU STARLINK In-Vehicle Technology

STARLINK brings multimedia content, smartphone connectivity, seamless navigation, extra safety, and everyday convenience to Subaru vehicles. This suite of on-board technology helps make every drive more entertaining, confident, and enjoyable.


Inquire About Getting a STARLINK System Update

Before an appointment is made for this service, we will need to speak to each customer directly. 
*STARLINK 3G service on 2016-2018 models expected to be retired approximately in February, 2022. Please contact Ramsey Subaru Service for complete details. Applies only to current STARLINK subscribers. Some restrictions may apply.