You can't really stop someone from stealing your car.
But you can help Police track and recover your car quickly with LoJack - the only Stolen Vehicle Recovery System operated by the Police.

With LoJack, you have a 90% chance of recovering your stolen car, truck or SUV -- usually within 24 hours and often within just a few hours.

Your car is an important, and possibly one of your most beloved, possessions. Protect it with LoJack. LoJack provides the following products to help protect your car:

  • LoJack Recovery System

    LoJack Retreive is a stolen vehicle recovery system used by the police and is the proven way to defeat the professional car thief. When a stolen vehicle report is filed with the police, a small transmitter randomly hidden in the vehicle is automatically activated. Police can then track and recover the stolen vehicle. Includes money back guarantee up to $695.*

    Price: $695

  • LoJack Early Warning

    If the car is moved without the owner's permission, the owner is notified, speeding up the process of filing a police report and activating LoJack. LoJack Early Warning comes with the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. If you determine your vehicle has been stolen, you can contact the police and they will activate LoJack. Includes 24 hour money back guarantee up to $995.*

    Price: $995

  • LoJack XRW System

    Enhances your LoJack Recovery System with an extended recovery warranty. The XRW extends your LoJack warranty up to 7 years.

    Price: $100

  • LoJack with Guarantee Plus 5000

    If a stolen vehicle is not recovered or a loss due to theft, the consumer will receive $5,000 ($2,500 payable directly to the consumer & $2,500 payment towards the replacement of vehicle from LoJack to dealership).

    Price: $200

Contact our experienced Ramsey Subaru staff today to get more details on LoJack and on what we think will work best for you!

**Guaranteed for the first 2 years of LoJack purchase.

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